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O.O.S. Medical is proud to be the exclusive Canadian distributor for Gel-X Absorbent Tablets for use in Ostomy Pouches.
Key Benefits:
  • Starts dissolving immediately
  • Easy to insert into pouch
  • Solidifies liquid waste into a gel
  • Promotes heathier peristomal skin
  • Reduces pouch noise and leaks
  • Helps maintain a lower profile
Gel-X is the preferred ostomy gel because each tablet gels exactly 150 ml (5 oz.) of fluid. Most pouches are emptied when they reach 300 to 450 ml (10-15 oz.).

Gel-X gives you an accurate, yet flexible system to meet your personal needs, and Gel-X tablets are easy and convenient to use.

Just place one or more tablets into your pouch after each emptying.

to order Gel-X tablets online.

O.O.S. Medical - 60 Shorting Rd., Toronto, ON, Canada M1S 3S3 / 1-800-387-5150 (tel) / 416-298-0476 (fax)